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Don Kish began his interest in rodeo during his High School years. Dons concentration in rodeo were in the three "Ruff Stock" events, Saddle Bronc, Bareback and Bull Riding. Through his High School years he won many awards such as 1980 California State Saddle Bronc and Reserve All-Around Championship.

In 1979 Don became a PRCA Stock Contractor and teamed up with John Growney and Growney Brothers Rodeo company. Johns interest in Bucking Horses and Dons interest in Bucking Bulls made a great combination. As the rodeo company grew to the professional level, Don saw there was a need for quality livestock. With this in mind Dons bucking bull breeding program emerged to the Professional level. In 1983 Don purchased the bull Red Rock and 25 crossbreed Cows, the foundation was formed and his Breeding program was underway.

Over the past twenty- five plus years Don has raised nearly 100% of the Bucking Bulls on the ranch in Red Bluff, California.
The Bucking Bull breeding business has grown to more than just keeping the Kish's supplied with Bulls. They offer other contractors and bucking bull enthusiasts the ability to purchase semen from great Bucking Stock to start their own breeding programs. In addition some heifers, select cows and retired bulls have become available to start or improve breeding programs across the country.

Some of the individuals and contractors that have purchased Kish livestock in the last several years have been Terry Williams- #112 Red Wolf. Curtis Mendel- #923 Harlem's Wolf. Mike White- #224 Pretty Boy Floyd. Jerry Nelson- #240 Sky King, #R4 Really Roddy and Heifers. Claude Kimberline- #362 Gold Coast Gambler. Craig Hawthorn- #122 Fast Foot Freddy. Trevor Sanderson- #214 Hummer. Bud Kirby- #R8 Roddy Brown and Heifers. Shawn Wiese- #206 Glass Tiger. Jeff Steel- #126 Show Me The Money. Jim Anderson- #827 Wolf Dancer, #04 O-2 Cool. Marty Fouch- #273 Vindicator and #206 Spittin' Image. Randy Schmutz- #270 Winchester, #815 Velvet Hour and Cows. Gary Blyth- #635 Mr. Juicy, #621 Say La Vee and #728 Machine. Johnny Rivera- #716 Cash Flow and #711 Lap Dancer. Pat Curry- #613 Electric Avenue. Tom Teague- #514 Real Deal, #809 Wildside, #173 Nervous Waters and 197 Heifers. Alex Houser-# 551 Fireball. John Wright- #177 Razor Sharp and #182 Blowin' Smoke. Scott Accomozzo- #620 Shyster. Bill Foster- #999 McNasty. Teague and Page- #334, 342 and #194 Smooth Move. Jason Diedrich- #934 Savage, #915 Whatever, #825 Ugly and #020 Tons of Fun. Danny Remund- #807 Intimidator. Travis Nash- #023 Heart of Gold. Jerry Brian- #174 White-N-Wild and 23 Heifers. Bob Fannin-16 Heifers. Bill Spaletta- #912 Mr. G.Q., #826 Splinter, #145 Blood Sucker #265, and Heifers. Chad Berger- #295 God's Gift, #316 Fine Wine (aka- Bad Blood) and #175 Lights Out. B.J. Tolman- #190 Cash Prize. Jarod Block- #132 Snaggle Tooth. Travis Moniz- Heifers. Ike Sankey- #297 Shake Down. Johnny Zamrzla- #266 Screw Ball. Brett Oxborrow- Heifers. Sammy Andrews- #120 Shake Rattle- N- Roll, #219 Wolf Can Too.

The Kish Bull Ranch encompasses several hundred acres of irrigated pastures to support the Cow/Calf operation. The feed lot gives the Kish's the ability to "custom feed" all the different age groups of Bulls. All Breeding, general livestock care, Bucking Bull training and preliminary DNA work / data for the ABBI registry is done on the Ranch. With over 300 Bucking Bulls and 200 Bucking Breed Cows the ranch has become quite an awesome sight.

The Kish’s supply Bucking Bulls for High School Rodeos, College Rodeos, Open Bull Ridings, PBR’s and PRCA Rodeos. Janelle Kish, Don's wife shares her days between the Bull Ranch and her family’s business, Flanigan’s Cowboy Stuff.

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